Khansa Rafique

Khansa Rafique

Name: Khansa Rafique


  • BS in Botany from Government College University, Lahore
  • M.Ed (Master of Education)

About: Khansa Rafique is a dedicated and accomplished educator and writer with a strong academic background in botany and education. Her passion for teaching, extensive training, and prolific writing have contributed significantly to the field of education and content creation.

Professional Experience: Khansa Rafique’s professional journey is marked by her commitment to education and content development:

Master Trainer and Teacher: With expertise in her field, Khansa serves as a master trainer, imparting knowledge and skills to educators and professionals. Her teaching experience spans various levels and subjects.

Content Writer: Khansa Rafique is a prolific content writer, producing a wealth of articles and materials in various domains.

Published Articles: Her dedication to writing has resulted in the publication of numerous articles, reflecting her depth of knowledge and research in her areas of interest.

Summary: Khansa Rafique is a highly skilled and passionate educator, trainer, and content creator. With a strong educational background in botany and education, she has excelled in both teaching and content writing. Her commitment to quality education and her ability to communicate effectively through her writing make her a valuable asset in the fields of education and content development.