CategoryCourse NameDurationDescriptionFee Structure (Per Month)
NazraBasic Quranic Nazra4 monthsIntroduction to reading Quranic text$15 (5 days/week), $5 (2 days/week)
Advanced Quranic Nazra6 monthsMastery in Quranic text reading$20 (5 days/week), $7 (2 days/week)
HifzQuran Hifz (Memorization)OngoingComprehensive Hifz program with certified teachers$30 (5 days/week), $10 (2 days/week)
Hifz Revision2 monthsReview and strengthen Hifz memorization$25 (5 days/week), $8 (2 days/week)
TajweedTajweed Fundamentals3 monthsLearn the basics of Quranic pronunciation$18 (5 days/week), $6 (2 days/week)
Advanced Tajweed Rules5 monthsIn-depth study of Tajweed rules$25 (5 days/week), $9 (2 days/week)
RecitationsQuranic Recitation Styles4 monthsExplore various Quranic recitation styles$20 (5 days/week), $7 (2 days/week)
Beautiful Quranic Recitations3 monthsEnhance your recitation with melodious style$18 (5 days/week), $6 (2 days/week)
Norani QaidaNorani Qaida for Beginners2 monthsStart Quranic learning with Norani Qaida$15 (5 days/week), $5 (2 days/week)
Norani Qaida for Kids2 monthsQuranic basics for young learners$12 (5 days/week), $4 (2 days/week)
Jor TorQuranic Verses Memorization (Jor Tor)OngoingMemorize Quranic verses and surahs$35 (5 days/week), $12 (2 days/week)
Review and Mastery (Jor Tor)2 monthsStrengthen memorization skills$30 (5 days/week), $10 (2 days/week)
TafseerQuranic Tafseer4 monthsExplore the interpretation of Quranic verses$30 (5 days/week), $10 (2 days/week)
TranslationQuranic Translation3 monthsStudy the translation of the Holy Quran$25 (5 days/week), $8 (2 days/week)
Specialized StudiesQuranic Sciences4 monthsIn-depth study of Quranic sciences$28 (5 days/week), $9 (2 days/week)
Quranic Calligraphy3 monthsLearn the art of Quranic calligraphy$20 (5 days/week), $7 (2 days/week)

Admission Process:

To apply for admission to our Online Quran Academy, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit Our Website: Go to our official website.
  2. Explore Courses: Browse our course offerings and select the course(s) you are interested in.
  3. Apply Online: Click on the “Apply Now” button next to your chosen course. You will be directed to an online application form.
  4. Fill Out the Application: Complete the application form with your personal information, contact details, and course preferences.
  5. Submit Supporting Documents: Upload any required documents, such as identification, if requested.
  6. Review and Confirm: Review your application information, and then submit it.
  7. Payment: Once your application is reviewed and accepted, you will receive payment instructions. Choose your preferred payment plan based on the fee structure provided.
  8. Start Classes: After payment confirmation, you will receive access to your chosen course materials and class schedules.
  9. Contact Us: If you have any questions or need assistance with the application process, you can also reach out to us through our “Contact Us” page for support.