Arooj Fatima

Name: Aroof Fatima


  • M.Phil in Zoology from the University of Okara
  • B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)

About: Aroof Fatima is a highly qualified and motivated professional with a solid academic background in zoology and education. Her passion for zoology, dedication to education, and talent as a content writer have established her as a knowledgeable and versatile individual in her field.

Professional Experience: Aroof Fatima’s professional experience spans her expertise in zoology, content writing, and participation in academic events:

Content Writer: Aroof Fatima is a prolific content writer, contributing valuable insights and knowledge in her field. Her writing skills have been instrumental in sharing information and research with a broader audience.

Research and Publication: Aroof Fatima’s academic work includes research and publication. Her research endeavors have led to publications that contribute to the body of knowledge in zoology.

Certification: Aroof Fatima has earned accreditation for her participation in the International TWO-DAY virtual conference of zoology, “ZOOLOGY EMERGING SCIENTIFIC TRENDS (ZEST)-2022.” This certification highlights her commitment to staying updated with the latest trends and developments in her field.

Summary: Aroof Fatima is a dedicated professional with a solid educational background in zoology and education. Her expertise extends to content writing, research, and participation in academic conferences. Her commitment to her field, as demonstrated through her certifications and publications, reflects her passion for advancing knowledge and contributing to the scientific community.