Halima Sadia

Name: Halima Sadia


  • M.Phil in Chemistry from the University of Okara
  • M.Ed (Master of Education)

About: Halima Sadia is a dedicated and accomplished educator with a strong academic background in chemistry and education. Her commitment to teaching, extensive training, and academic achievements have made her a valuable asset in the field of education and training.

Professional Experience: Halima Sadia’s professional journey highlights her expertise in education and training:

Master Trainer: Halima Sadia is a certified master trainer, recognized by prestigious organizations like the British Council and QAED (Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development). Her training approach is marked by professionalism and excellence.

Teaching Approach: As an educator, Halima Sadia brings her passion for teaching and her deep subject knowledge to her students. Her teaching approach is student-centric, ensuring effective learning outcomes.

Summary: Halima Sadia is a highly qualified and dedicated educator and trainer with a strong educational background in chemistry and education. Her extensive training experience and commitment to providing quality education have earned her recognition in the field. Whether as a master trainer or a teacher, she continues to contribute significantly to the realm of education and training.