Muhammad Rafique

Name: Muhammad Rafique


  • M.Phil in Urdu from the University of Lahore
  • M.Ed (Master of Education)

About: Muhammad Rafique is an accomplished and highly educated professional with a strong academic background in Urdu and education. His multifaceted career spans roles as a principal, teacher, trainer, and poet. His dedication to education and his passion for poetry are hallmarks of his professional journey.

Professional Experience: Muhammad Rafique’s professional journey reflects his diverse expertise in education and poetry:

Principal – Tooba School of Science Education, Kohla: Muhammad Rafique has served as the principal of Tooba School of Science Education in Kohla. His leadership has contributed to the growth and development of the institution, ensuring quality education for students.

Teacher: Muhammad Rafique has a background in teaching, bringing his expertise in Urdu and education to the classroom. His teaching methods are student-focused, aiming to provide a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

Trainer: Muhammad Rafique has also played a role as a trainer, sharing his knowledge and skills with fellow educators and professionals. His training sessions are designed to enhance teaching methodologies and educational practices.

Poetry: In addition to his educational pursuits, Muhammad Rafique is a passionate poet. His poetic creations reflect his creativity and love for literature, enriching the literary landscape.

Summary: Muhammad Rafique is a highly accomplished professional with a strong academic foundation in Urdu and education. His roles as a principal, teacher, trainer, and poet showcase his diverse talents and dedication. Whether in the field of education or through his poetic expressions, Muhammad Rafique continues to make a significant impact in both his professional and artistic endeavors.