Sumera Mubashir



  • M.Phil in Applied Mathematics from The University of Lahore

About: Sumera Mubashir is an accomplished professional with a solid academic background in Applied Mathematics. Her career is marked by a commitment to education, extensive teaching experience, and active involvement in research.

Professional Experience: Sumera’s professional journey reflects her dedication to teaching and research:

  • Virtual University of Pakistan – Instructor: Sumera has served as an instructor at the Virtual University of Pakistan, where she has imparted knowledge and guidance at the university level.
  • International Riphah University – Lecturer: She has held the position of lecturer at International Riphah University, contributing to the academic growth of her students.
  • Minhaj University – Lahore: Sumera’s teaching experience extends to Minhaj University, where she has shared her expertise in mathematics.
  • Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) – Research Associate: Her research insight led her to work as a research associate at LUMS, furthering her engagement with academia.
  • Government College for Women: Sumera’s commitment to education also includes her role as an educator at Government College for Women.

Teaching and Training Expertise: Sumera Mubashir’s teaching and training expertise encompasses various mathematical subjects, making her a versatile educator.

Research and Publications: Sumera has actively participated in international conferences and research activities. Her contributions to the field of mathematics have been showcased through her research and publications.

Training and Certification: Her commitment to professional development is evident through her participation in training programs and certifications related to education.

Skills and Expertise: Sumera possesses a diverse skill set, including proficiency in mathematical software, scientific tools, and educational technology.

Professional Memberships: She is an active member of professional organizations related to mathematics and education, furthering her dedication to excellence in her field.

Contributions to Education: Sumera Mubashir’s educational contributions extend beyond the classroom. She actively engages in educational initiatives, including curriculum development and training programs.

Awards and Honors: Her academic achievements and contributions to the field have earned her recognition and honors.

Summary: Sumera Mubashir is a highly accomplished educator and researcher passionate about mathematics and education. Her qualifications, extensive teaching experience, and active involvement in research highlight her dedication to advancing education. With a diverse skill set and a commitment to professional development, she continues to make valuable contributions to the academic community and equip learners with the knowledge and skills they need to excel.