Asima Ihsan

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Name: Asima Ihsan


  • M.Phil. in Economics from Lahore Leads University, Lahore

About: Asima Ihsan is a highly accomplished professional in the field of economics and research analysis. With an impressive academic background and extensive experience, she has made substantial contributions to economic research and policy development.Research Analyst at Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project (PTEGP), DDU, Tourism Department, Punjab

Publications: Asima Ihsan has a notable list of publications, including research reports, policy briefs, and articles in international and national journals:

Evaluation Reports:

  1. “Public Subsidies on Health and Nutrition in Punjab: Do the Poor Benefit or Not?” – PERI Publications No 422
  2. “Identification of Financial Requirements to Achieve the SDGs in Punjab” – PERI Publication 428
  3. “Need Assessment of Trauma Centres in Punjab” – PERI Publication 432
  4. “Situational Analysis of Self-sustainability of E-Khidmat Markaz in Punjab” (Publication No. 435)
  5. “Infant and Under-Five Mortality in Lodhran and Chiniot: Barriers in Achieving Development Agenda” (Publication No. 436)
  6. “Tracking the Disease Literacy in Public: A Case Study of Lahore” (Publication No. 437)
  7. “Tracking the Invisibles: Identifying Birth Registration Barriers in Punjab, Pakistan” (Publication No. 445)
  8. “Poverty – Food Consumption Nexus: A Study on Farm Households in Punjab” (Publication No. 450)
  9. “Regional and Heterogeneous Perspective of Maternal Healthcare Services: Tracking the Inequalities in Punjab” (Publication No. 451)
  10. “Digital Economy and COVID-19: A Framework for Economic Recovery” (Publication No. 457)
  11. “Punjab Growth Strategy 2023: Health Chapter, Tourism Chapter”

Policy Briefs/Policy Papers: 12. “Enhancing the Marketing and Exports of Horticultural Fruits in Punjab” – PERI Policy Brief May 2016

  1. “The Invisible Ones: Importance and Challenges of National Census for Punjab” – PERI Policy Brief November 2016
  2. “Portrait of Change in Punjab: Translating the Evidence from the Census 2017” – PERI Policy Brief August 2017
  3. “The Economic Cost of Suboptimal/Non-Breastfeeding in Punjab” – PERI Policy Brief July 2020
  4. “The Use of Information and Communication Technology in Healthcare: Evidence from Best International Practices” – PERI Policy Paper Series (2020:01)

International/National Journals: Asima Ihsan has authored several articles published in international and national journals, including:

  • Research on Humanities and Social Sciences
  • AJEER (Asian Journal of Economics and Empirical Research)
  • Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment
  • JPMA (Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association)
  • European Scientific Journal
  • Journal of Economic Impact
  • Global Social Sciences Review

Funded Projects: Asima Ihsan has been involved in various funded projects, including:

  • “Health Insurance Acceptance of Female Labour Force: A special focus on Reproductive Health” funded by Punjab Commission for the Status of Women (PCSW)
  • “Assessment of Use of Portable Projector for Health Awareness & Learning Skills in Rajanpur District” funded by UNICEF

Newspaper Contributions: Asima Ihsan has contributed articles to newspapers on various socio-economic topics, showcasing her expertise in economics and policy analysis.

Technical Skills: Asima Ihsan possesses a wide range of technical skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office tools, applied data analysis, econometric and estimation skills, statistical software (Stata, SPSS), data analysis tools (DEA, SFA), and geographic information systems (ArcGIS, Google Earth Pro).

Summary:Asima Ihsan’s extensive publications, research projects, and technical skills highlight her dedication to the field of economics and her significant contributions to research, policy, and economic development in Punjab and beyond.