Ayesha Ashraf



  • M.Phil in Botany from Agriculture University Faisalabad
  • B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)

About: Asyesha Ashraf is a versatile and highly accomplished professional with a profound passion for education and a diverse skill set. Her academic journey and extensive experience reflect her unwavering commitment to excellence in teaching, training, and educational consultancy.

Professional Experience: Ayesha Ashraf’s professional journey is characterized by her dedication and expertise:

IELTS Consultant: With specialized knowledge in IELTS (International English Language Testing System), Asyesha is a trusted consultant, assisting individuals in achieving their desired scores and enhancing their English language proficiency.

Master Trainer: As a master trainer, Ayesha Ashraf excels in imparting knowledge and expertise to educators and professionals, contributing significantly to their professional growth and development.

Teaching Experience at the University Level: Asyesha Ashraf’s teaching experience extends to the university level, where she has positively impacted the academic and professional journeys of her students.

Research and Publications: Asyesha Ashraf’s commitment to research is evidenced by her international and national research publications, which contribute to the body of knowledge in botany and education.

Content Writer: With a flair for content creation, Asyesha is an adept content writer, capable of producing engaging and informative materials.

CSS, PMS, PPSC Coach: As a coach for CSS (Central Superior Services), PMS (Provincial Management Services), and PPSC (Punjab Public Service Commission) tests and interviews, Ayesha Ashraf provides invaluable guidance and preparation to aspiring candidates, helping them succeed in these competitive examinations.

Skills and Expertise: Asyesha Ashraf possesses a diverse skill set, including proficiency in educational consulting, training, content creation, and test coaching.

Professional Memberships: Active involvement in professional associations and networks related to education and language proficiency.

Contributions to Education: Throughout her career, Asyesha Ashraf has significantly contributed to education, nurturing her students’ and mentees’ growth and development.

Summary: Asyesha Ashraf is a multifaceted professional known for her dedication to education, training, and consultancy. With an M.Phil in Botany, a B.Ed degree, and a wealth of experience, she has played a pivotal role in numerous individuals’ academic and professional development. Her passion for excellence in education and her diverse skill set continue to positively impact various fields, from language proficiency to competitive exam coaching.