Ikram Anjum

Name: Ikram Anjum


  • M.Phil in English from the University of Okara
  • M.Ed (Master of Education)

About: Ikram Anjum is a dedicated professional with a solid academic background in English language and education. His career is characterized by a deep passion for teaching, training, and making a meaningful impact in education.

Professional Experience: Ikram Anjum’s professional journey reflects his commitment to education and training:

  • Master Trainer and Teacher at the University Level: Ikram has excelled as a master trainer and teacher at the university level. His role involves imparting knowledge and guidance to students, shaping their English language proficiency, and fostering critical thinking.
  • English Language Teacher: He has dedicated his expertise to teaching the English language, equipping learners with language skills that empower them in various aspects of life.
  • Conducted pieces of training for Teachers: Ikram has played a pivotal role in running training programs for teachers in the School Education Department. His training initiatives have contributed to the professional development of educators, positively impacting the quality of education.

Teaching and Training Expertise: Ikram Anjum’s expertise extends to teaching English language skills and conducting training programs that enhance the capabilities of educators.

Training and Certification: His commitment to professional development is underscored by his participation in training programs and education and language instruction certifications.

Skills and Expertise: Ikram’s diverse skill set enriches his teaching and training approaches, particularly in language instruction and pedagogy.

Professional Memberships: He actively engages with professional organizations related to education and language instruction, staying updated with best practices in the field.

Contributions to Education: Beyond his formal roles, Ikram Anjum actively contributes to education through teacher training programs, which are crucial in improving the quality of education in schools.

Summary: Ikram Anjum is a passionate educator and trainer with a strong foundation in English language and education. His qualifications, extensive teaching experience, and commitment to professional development reflect his dedication to advancing education. Through his teaching and training initiatives, he continues to significantly impact learners and educators alike, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth in education.