Mariam Allah Ditta



  • M.Phil in Forensic Chemistry from Government College University (GCU), Lahore
  • M.Ed (Master of Education)

About: Mariam Allah Ditta is a highly accomplished Forensic Chemistry and Education professional. Her strong educational background and extensive training experience have made significant contributions to education and research.

Professional Experience: Mariam Allah Ditta’s professional journey reflects her commitment to education and training:

  • Master Trainer with QAED (Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development): Mariam has excelled as a master trainer, collaborating with QAED to enhance educational practices.
  • British Council: She has served as a master trainer in programs supported by the British Council, contributing to educational development.
  • Cambridge University: Her expertise extends to training initiatives in partnership with Cambridge University, emphasizing global education standards.

Teaching and Training Expertise: Mariam Allah Ditta’s proficiency spans teaching and training in diverse domains:

  • Forensic Chemistry: She possesses specialized knowledge with her M.Phil in Forensic Chemistry.

Research and Publications: Mariam has actively engaged in research and publication endeavors, including the publication of the research paper titled “X-ray Peak Profiling, Optical Parameters and Catalytic Properties of Pure and CdS Doped ZnO–NiO Nanocomposites” in the “Russ. J. Appl. Chem.” in 2017. Her work has contributed to the scientific community.

Training and Certification: Mariam’s commitment to professional development is evident through her training and certifications in collaboration with various educational institutions and organizations.

Skills and Expertise: She possesses a diverse skill set that enriches her teaching and training approaches, including scientific research skills and educational technology proficiency.

Professional Memberships: Mariam is an active member of professional organizations related to education and training, furthering her commitment to excellence in education.

Contributions to Education: Beyond her formal roles, Mariam has actively contributed to education through training initiatives, curriculum development, and active involvement in educational societies.

Awards and Honors: Her academic achievements include receiving merit scholarships three times at the University of Education, Lahore. She also secured 1st position in a poster competition in 2015 at GCU, Lahore.

Summary: Mariam Allah Ditta is a distinguished professional known for her expertise in Forensic Chemistry and Education. Her educational qualifications, extensive training experience, and active involvement in research demonstrate her dedication to advancing education and promoting scientific inquiry. She continues to shape the educational landscape with a passion for teaching and training, equipping learners with the knowledge and skills needed for success.